Eddy Current Loss Calculation Calculator With Formula

Eddy Current Loss Calculator:

Enter the co-efficient of the eddy current, flux density, thickness of the lamination, applying frequency, the volume of the material. Then press calculates button to calculate eddy current loss in watts.

The clear button uses to reset the value in the field, but the old value will be still in the results area. After entering the new value and pressing the calculate button, the value will get replaced with a new one.

Enter Co-efficient of eddy current Ke:  
Enter Thickness of the sheet t: Meters
Enter Maximum Flux Density: wb/m2
Enter Frequency: Hz
Enter Magnetic Material Volume: M^3
Result – Eddy Current loss: Watts

Eddy Current loss calculation

Eddy current loss Pe(W) in watts is equal to the product of Ke – co-efficient of eddy current in numbers, maximum flux density Bm in Wb/m2, thickness of lamination t in meters, Frequency F(Hz) in Hz and Volume of the magnetic material V(m^3) in m3.

Hence the eddy current formula will be,

Pe(W) = Ke x Bm2 x F(hz)2 x t2 x V  Watts

V = h x L x t  meter3

length L in meter, height h in meter and thickness t in meter.

Eddy current losses for Per unit volume,

Pe(W) = Ke x Bm2 x F(hz)2 x t2 Watts

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