Transformer EMF Calculation Calculator With EMF Formula

Transformer EMF calculator:

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Transformer EMF Calculation:


EMF is nothing but a voltage which built at the transformer terminal when you apply voltage at another winding. EMF E(V) in volts is equal to the 4.44 times of product of frequency F(Hz) in Hertz, maximum flux ϕm in Weber and the number of conductor N in number.

EMF equation can be written as,

E(V) = 4.44 x F(Hz) x ϕ(Weber) x N(Number)

Also while calculating primary EMF E(P-V) in Volts we should take the primary number of turns as well as while calculating secondary EMF E(S-V) in Volts we need to take the secondary number of conductors.

E(P-V) = 4.44 x F(Hz) x ϕ(Weber) x N(P-Number)

Secondary EMF E(S-V) in volts will be

E(S-V) = 4.44 x F(Hz) x ϕ(Weber) x N(S-Number)

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Calculate the secondary EMF in volts across a transformer which is having 450 conductors, 50Hz, 0.11 Web flux produced.

E(V) = 4.44 x 50 x 450 x 0.11

Voltage across the transformer terminal will be 10989 Volts

Approximately 11kV


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