Top 25 Electrical Standards For Electrical Enginner

Top 25 Electrical Standards For Electrical Enginner:

1. Neutral to Ground Voltage should be less than 5 Volts….
2. Ground Resistance value should be less than 5 ohms….
3. Line to Line 440 Volts the distance should be above 25mm….
4. Line to neutral 230 volts distance should be above 19mm…
5. Busbar Aluminium carries 0.8 A per Sqmm
6. Busbar Copper carries 1.2 A per Sqmm
7. 1hp three phase motor carries 1.4 Amps
8. 1hp single phase motor carries 4 Amps…
9. Normal Earth conductor should be inserted minimum 10 feet
10. Each Motor should have double earthing
11. If your are using VFD, above 160 kVA then You should connect the VFD earthing to motor earthing.
12. Never Touch a conductor with your empty hand even if you know it is dead.
13. Never Try to switch off a fire using water in electrical panel.
14. All cable gland should be connected with the earthing ..
15. For HV cable earth conductor one end should be connected earth and another should not be connected in earth
16. For Lighting Use 4C cable, For MCC use 3.5C cable and For Motor Use 3C cable.
17. Panel Should be lied 300 mm from the wall or closed area.
18. Electrical Panel body should be 1.8mm thickness, gland plate should be 2.6mm and mounting plate should be 2.0mm and door should be 1.6 to 1.8mm thick plates..
19. A electrical switchgear should have aleast minimum 2 supports..
20. Never try to use Ground as return path for any electrical loads…which creates addition voltage..
21. Never go to switchyard while raining…
22. 500volts meggar creates 750 Volts DC…
23. Always purchase a motor by one step forwad..i.e you need 5 HP motor for carrying current load means you should go for 7.5 HP motor for the same loads.
24. CT never be in open circuit
25. PT should not be loaded more than it is burden

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