Electrical Contractor Licence In Karnataka, Eligibility, Procedure, Application Form

Electrical Contractor License In Karnataka:

Karnataka electricity contractor licence enables you to perform electrical installation work within Karnataka state. Electrical contractor licence has four categories based on their skills and workforces. They are super grade contractor, Class-1 contractor, class-2 contractor and class-3 contractor.

Their work limits are,

  • Super Grade => All types of electrical work from low voltage to extra high voltage.
  • Class-1 => electrical installation work upto 33kV.
  • Class-2 => Electrical work Upto 650V.
  • Class-3 => Electrical work upto 250V.

General Eligibility for contractor License in Karnataka:

  • You should be 21years, a citizen India and passed in SSLC exam.
  • You should not be an employee of the State or Central Government or public sector.
  • Your company name and firm should subject to National Emblem Act, 1949.
  • If you are running in a partnership company which is having more than two director means, at least two-thirds of the director needs to be signed in the application.
  • You can work within the allocated place only.
  • You should have an exact or more than the number of required supervisor or wireman licence holder in your workforce.
  • Your instrument has been tested as per National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories
  • You should have bank solvency certificate as per Form B. The bank shall be any of the Nationalized Bank or Scheduled Bank or Cooperative Bank recognized by Reserve Bank of India and the solvency shall be confirmed by the bank.
  • No penalization as per rule 37.
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Along with the above requirement, you should have additional eligibility based on your grade.

Application form @ page 21: Download

Super Grande License:

The applicant,

  • Shall have a class-1 contractor with the continues three years’ period.
  • Minimum 3 number of the wireman licence holder.
  • More than 8 number of HV installation work and shall submit the proof of work along with the quality endorsement to the Board.
  • Must have at least one number of Supervisor Grade-1 licence holder as the sole employee.
  • Must have a qualified draughtsman with a certificate in draughtsmanship.
  • The bank transaction should be more than 5 lakhs and the same certified by the bank on the FORM B or C.
  • must have registered with the Department of Employees Provident Fund and Employees State Insurance.
  • Shall pay ₹ 10,000/- as processing fees.

Class-1 contractor Licence:

The class-1 contractor licence applicant,

  • Shall have class-2 licence holder works under three years’ period continuously.
  • More than 12 MV electrical installation.
  • At least any supervisor grade and wireman grade employees.
  • Bank solvency certificate more than one lakhs on Form B or C.
  • The employee must have registered with the Department of Employees Provident Fund and Employees State Insurance.
  • Shall pay ₹ 3,000/-
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Class 2 Electrical Contractors Licence:

  • Must have at least one supervisor grade and one wireman grade employment
  • Shall submit bank solvency certificate for ₹ 50,000/- on the Form B or C.
  • Shall pay ₹ 2,000/-

Class 3 Electrical Contractors Licence:

  • Must have One supervisor holder and one wireman holder employment.
  • Shall submit bank solvency certificate for ₹ 25,000/- on the Form B or C.
  • Shall pay ₹ 1,000/-

Apply Electrical Contractor License Karnataka:

Note that all the licence is valid for one year and during the renewal period you can extend the licence up to 5 years.

The applicant shall submit the following document along with application form:

  • Processing fee challan,
  • 3 self-signed passport size photo which is attested by a jurisdictional officer of the Electrical Inspectorate.
  • Stamp to be paste on the envelope.
  • Not-employee confirmation letter from the Notary officer.
  • Any of the Photo Identity proof of the applicant
  • Tax paid receipt sworn in front of notary officer.
  • More details and Procedure
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