What is Advantages of rotating field alternator

What are the Advantages of rotating field alternator?

There are two types of alternators are used one is rotating armature type and the other one is rotating field type. In rotating armature alternator, the field is stationary and the armature is rotating whereas in rotating field alternator armature is stationary and field is rotating.

For a large level of generation rotating field alternators are used. There is an advantage of rotating field alternator over rotating armature alternator.

  1. The advantage of having stationary armature winding is that the voltage can be directly connected to load and also we can insulate the conductor.
  2. It is hard to get the largely induced emf in the rotating armature because the conductors of rotating armature require their slip rings and brushes and also it is difficult to insulate.
  3. Rotating field winding is excited by the DC source which is very less so that the sparking problems are not occurring. It requires two slip rings for single-phase one is for positive terminal and other for the negative terminal.
  4. Electrical and mechanical stress is less because armature is stationary.
  5. A cooling arrangement can be easy for the high voltage side if it is kept stationary.
  6. Inertia is low because a low dc voltage is given to the rotor side.
  7. The armature is kept as stationary so that the larger current can collect easily.
  8. Cost of the system is low as compared to the rotating armature type.
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 Advantages of rotating field alternator


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