Various Testing equipments used for Electrical Installations

At the time of Electrical Installation various Testing equipments used by Electricians according to their need. It can be single function or multifunction equipments. New Electrical Installation should be tested before its commissioning and charging. Testing equipments should meet certain international accepted standards.… Read the rest

Right Of Way / Way Leave Clearance for various Electrical Power Transmission Line

Width of maximum right of way permitted as per forest conservation act ‘1980 and its subsequent amendment dated 25th October, 1992, are as per Table 1.  Researches are being carried out for further optimizing the Right of Way. Guidelines of forest environmental rules shall be followed to avoid excessive tree cutting i.e.… Read the rest

Roles and Responsibilities of SLDC-State Load Dispatch Center in India

As per section 33 of Electricity Act – 2003 (Central Act 36 of 2003), SLDC-State Load Dispatch centers performs:- SLDC- State Load Dispatch Center suppose to carry out following functions or Roles and Responsibilities of State Load Dispatch Center. Scheduling: All Open Access users (excluding wind and mini hydel and generating stations having total capacity not less than 5 MW and up to 15 MW opting for injection under UI) that are connected to the Grid shall schedule and dispatch according to instructions given by SLDC.… Read the rest

Procedure to isolate 400KV Electrical Power Transmission line from system

Following Procedure should be done:- 1) Requisition form for 400Kv Line Clear Permit duly signed by maintenance engineer should be obtained. 2) Ensure that outage of the proposed line is confirmed. 3) Inform opposite end of the 400Kv transmission line and all other concern  before switching OFF breaker.… Read the rest